Recently, however, it has looked like the restaurant was open

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moncler outlet sale Two or moncler jackets kids three different owners couldn moncler jackets outlet online make the somewhat inconspicuous restaurant on Eighth Street a success. Food quality went downhill. The restaurant finally closed the Great Recession hit.Recently, however, it has looked like the restaurant was open again, and finally in March, I stopped by to see what was going on there now:What I discovered was that one of Pepe chefs had decided to open his own place here, his daughters (who had been the best servers at Los Manjares) waiting the tables.I also immediately discovered that El Zarape (officially named, El Zarape de “Don Chuy”) is serving some great Mexican food at good prices.For breakfasts served all day El Zarape has such standards as huevos rancheros ($5.50):This was perfectly prepared. moncler outlet sale

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